Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari
Kristin Elizabeth Cavallari (born January 5, 1987 in Denver, Colorado) is an American reality television star and actress, known mainly for her feature appearances on the MTV reality TV series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

Before moving to California, Cavallari resided in Colorado. When her parents divorced, her younger brother (Gabriel Zamora Cavallari) moved with their father to Laguna Beach, California, while Kristin moved with their mother to Barrington, Illinois, a wealthy suburb right outside of Chicago. After having trouble adjusting to a new life with a step-father and step-brother, Kristin moved to California to be with her dad and brother, and was enrolled at Santa Margarita Catholic High School her freshman year of high school. After attending a Driver's Education course through Laguna Beach High School with new friends Jessica Smith and Alex Hooser, her father enrolled her in LBHS for the rest of high school after "much consideration." After her stint on reality tv, Cavallari headed to L.A. to attend Loyola Marymount University and moved into an apartment with close friend, Alex Hooser. Her friendship with Alex could not withstand living together, so the two decided to go their separate ways.

Personal life
* During her time at LBHS, Cavallari dated Stephen Colletti for two years -- especially during the filming of the MTV reality show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County -- before breaking up prior to his send off to college.

* Cavallari was noted in having a long-term on-and-off relationship with reality tv personality/model/drummer Brody Jenner, who then went on to date Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad.

During the later half of her high school career, Cavallari was the face of (what seemed to be) "teen reality" for filming popular MTV program Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. After attending college for a short time, Cavallari withdrew and went on to pursue a acting/modeling/personality career.
In February 2006, she landed a hosting gig on UPN's Get This Party Started. Although her hosting gig was short-lived, she continued to pursue her acting career landing a guest role in the WB's Veronica Mars, a lead role in a music video with Teddy Geiger, and upcoming movie roles in Fingerprints and Spring Breakdown. Cavallari also had several endorsement deals with including Until There's A Cure, Bongo, and PETA.

Cavallari also had her face on the cover of Seventeen magazine, Teen People and has posed for Rolling Stone, Blender and GQ magazines. Maxim also named her #23 on its annual Hot 100 list in 2006, and was also featured as part of its Hottest Women of Reality TV[1] that same year.
Cavallari in the role of a cheerleader on Veronica Mars
* Punk'd: In 2005, her friend Frankie Delgado was shown as having a heated argument with another driver in which the other driver's car got damaged. Delgado got "arrested", and Cavallari could not convince the police otherwise.
* Get This Party Started: In February 2006, Cavallari had a short-lived hosting gig for the UPN program in which well-deserving people were thrown surprise parties.
* Music video: Also in 2006, Cavallari appeared in the video for guitarist Teddy Geiger's song For You I Will (Confidence) in which she portrayed a popular girl who -- despite her jock boyfriend -- falls for a handsome musician.
* Veronica Mars: Cavallari appeared in the WB program in the episode "Versatile Toppings" as a lesbian cheerleader.
* Fingerprints: Filmed and released in 2006, Cavallari portrays a high school student investigating an ancient myth of the city San Antonia.
* Spring Breakdown: Filmed in 2006 and to-be-release in 2008, Cavallari portrays a popular girl on Spring Break during college.
* Adventures in Hollyhood: In the 5th episode of Three 6 Mafia's MTV reality show, Cavallari guest starred in a segment where she went out on a date with Juicy J.